San Jose (MAE West) Information

Primary Power 12KV PG&E feeders service this facility. Power is delivered via a central core power riser to each floor via a central conduit riser system. Power allocated is based on the tenant's actual demonstrated loads.

Typical power allocation is approximately 40 watts per square foot easily scalable to 80 watts per square foot.
Fire Suppression Pre-action fire suppression systems have been installed in all building technical spaces.
Emergency Power 6 backup generators range from a 150KW to 2,000KW per unit. All power passes through automatic transfer switches that seamlessly transfer power from utility provider to backup generators in seconds. Power is distributed to the various floors through a centralized conduit riser system.
Fuel Storage On-site fuel storage capacity for a minimum of 24 hours with contracts in place to provide a continuance fuel supply to carry systems through any kind of electrical service interruption.
Dedicated Cooling The building has a 1,500-ton cooling tower, redundant pumps and condenser water piping system to service a number of our technical space floors. All data center space is provided with Liebert computer room air conditioners sized to fully condition the space.



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